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Neurological Surgery is a discipline of medicine and that specialty of surgery which provides the operative.

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Pain Management/Physiatry

Physicians who specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are called “physiatrists”.

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Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Discs are the soft pads of tissue between the vertebrae. The discs absorb shock caused by movement.

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Operative & Non-Operative Spine Care

onservative (non-operative) management of spinal pain Non-operative management of spinal pain

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EMG/NCS Studies

In order to diagnose a neurological disorder, the neurologist may utilize electromyography (EMG)

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Physical Therapy

At Parkway Neuroscience and Spine Institute our therapy staff has over 30 years of experience in

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Massage Therapy

Cheryl can be contacted by calling her direct line at 301-991-7206, or emailing her

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Medical Staff

The physicians and other professionals at Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute are dedicated to upholding a strong and dependable professional association with our patients and our referring physicians. Highly qualified providers, fully equipped facilities, and a skilled, professional support staff combine to create the right environment for excellence in neuroscience and spine care.